How it works

Subscription Fees

You pay no upfront fee or subscription fees if you register with us now. Additionally, as an early adopter of ZoomClinic, you will enjoy our loyalty promise of no future subscription fees. 


Registration and profiling are currently FREE for our clinicians.

Register in order to appear in search result listings.

Let the world know who you are and what you do. ZoomClinic is planning on becoming an international platform.


The more open appointments you create, the greater your appearance will be in the search results.

You can open 15 and/or 30-minute appointment slots or a combination of these.

You can set your prices for these appointment slots and once users book appointments, your processed booking fee will be forwarded to you. Simple and fast.

The ZoomClinic platform is built in a such a way, that you can work in a FLEXIBLE style to suit you. Clinicians can create as many or as few appointment slots as they wish. For example some clinicians may already have morning and afternoon clinics, but have a spare hour or two between clinics. The clinician could use a spare hour to open up 15 or 30 minute private appointments on the ZoomClinic App.

Appointments could be created prior to, in between or after any other clinic already booked. The ZoomClinic App will allow you to create appointment slots as you wish, however we recommend that you create a minimum of 4 appointments per working day, in order to appear in search result listings more frequently.

You can now download the latest version of the ZoomClinic app and offer video consultations to clients. This can be in addition to or as an alternative to offering clinic appointments.


Once clients book appointments with you, your booking fee will be forwarded to you, minus the 10% ZoomClinic booking charge, or a fee of £10, whichever is greater. Remember, we won’t charge you directly. The ZoomClinic booking charge will be taken from the clients booking fee. Please bear this in mind when setting your appointment fee(s).

You will be paid weekly, and payments will be sent to your nominated account when registering.

Your weekly pending payout sum will appear for your private viewing once you sign in to your ZoomClinic account. The more clients you book through ZoomClinic, the greater your weekly payout sum will be.

When you first create appointment slots, bookings may be taken slowly. However, as you appear in more searches and over time we expect your appointment slots to start being booked more frequently. We expect more bookings as our service grows. Please continue to open appointment slots to benefit from this growth.


If a client cancels an appointment and provides at least 48 hours notice, then the client will be refunded the booking fee minus the ZoomClinic administration fee related to banking transaction charges.

If the client cancels with less than 48 hours notice of the appointment, then the client will be charged the full booking fee and this will be forwarded to you minus the ZoomClinic booking charge of 10% or fee of £10, whichever is the greater.

If a clinic cancels any appointments, with less than 48 hours notice, there will be a cancellation administration fee of £10 paid to ZoomClinic by the clinic and the client will be reimbursed the booking fee minus the administration fee related to banking transaction charges.

If a clinic cancels an appointment with more than 48 hours notice , there will be no charge to the clinic. The client will be refunded their booking fee minus any administration fee related to banking charges.

We hope to experience minimal cancellations and hope you will work with us to guarantee this.